Our whole goal is to get to know each and every one of you. Not just simply know you, but actually building a solid relationship that will naturally tell the ebbs and flows of your lives. The depths of your stories are evidently and effortlessly told when trust has been built between us. You have a story longing to be told, that we are anxiously waiting to document. 

Have we mentioned that we would love to hear your story?  It truly defines our passion when it comes to being photographers and videographers.  We are not real estate, wildlife, or commercial photographers, because we’re so intrigued with the stories that each couple holds within them.  

Let us tell you ours.

We purchased our first camera in 2013, a Nikon d3200, as a way to capture our life with our firstborn. It cost us $150 bucks at the time (thank you Craigslist!) and was easily one of the greatest investments we could have ever made. We had no idea where this camera would lead us. Little did we know that this camera would be the beginning as we began recording our children’s diaper wearing days, and would ultimately lead us far beyond. This camera would launch us into a life of adventure and joy, capturing the beauty of strangers turned friends, the big events in the history of their lives, and the sweetest moments of their most important relationships. 

Photography has always been something that has easily chosen us. It’s allowed us to breathe life into so many barren places and to make a moment fully alive. It’s taught us to slow down and to appreciate the mundane and not to hurry past the simplest of moments. When all that we have left to look back on and pass down from generation to generation is a tangible photograph, it becomes wonderfully priceless knowing we have frozen a memory in time. 

Life is rich and deep and being inspired by your stories is an honor that we don’t take lightly. We have the pleasure of getting to speak into your lives and to love each one of you fiercely and it propels us to search for the deeper things and to create something magically beautiful. 

That is what we truly live for. 

People are the heart and soul of what we do and the fuel that keeps us going when the flame gets a little dim. Our couples are the heroes and we are just the lucky ones that get to tell the sacred parts. 

When we are not behind the camera, you can find us tucked away in the mountains at our tiny home on wheels, hunting for waterfalls, hiking, spending time with family, writing music or snuggled up with our babies watching all the movies.

Is it normal to cry when looking at pictures? Wow you both are the best and without a doubt did we make the best decision having you capture our special day. From the first phone call with you both to being sad the night was ending when you were leaving...you both made this experience the best it could have ever been. We would pick you all over again if we had the choice. Any future events, we know who to contact for our photography. Thank you both so much again!!!
North Carolina Wedding Couple