Mount Cutler Trail Elopement | Alex & Anastasiya

Several months ago we placed an ad out on FB targeting the Colorado area, since that’s where I (Rychelle) am from. We wanted the chance to shoot a wedding that was far different than something that we could shoot here in Florida, and we also wanted the chance to see my family. Anastasiya answered our ad one afternoon and I remember getting the message in the midst of lunch time chaos and being so incredibly excited for the opportunity. After some back and forth and working out all the details, we were set to shoot our first Colorado wedding!! To tell you how that we were beyond excited for our first real destination wedding is a complete understatement. Not only were we getting to shoot an all day wedding at the historic Shove Chapel and a few other locations in Colorado Springs, Alex and Anastasiya also agreed to hiking up a mountain and letting us shoot another elopement style session (Cue all the screaming excitement)!!

Being able to shoot a mountaintop session has been on our goal list for as long as I can remember. I feel like in Florida we are sometimes limited to just flat park areas and the beach and it can sometimes get pretty boring. Seeing so many incredible images shot in the mountains has been tugging at us for some time and we finally were able to accomplish one of our goals!! It wasn’t easy though!! It took a lot of googling and searching instagram hashtags to find a location that matched the vision in our minds. Not being from the area and asking a few other local photographers about locations that they were unwilling to help out with made it hard to pinpoint an exact location and to know for sure what and where we were going. We had originally planned on shooting the first day that we were in Colorado Springs, but with the amount of rain and crazy weather we had to postpone for the following week, which ended up working far more perfectly than we could have planned.

The first morning in Colorado Springs we decided to head out that way to beat the rain and to hike Mount Cutler Trail in North Cheyenne Canon Park to see if we could find a few spots that we could shoot. With our two kiddos in tow, my mom and Aarons parents we were able to hike a majority of the trail before the pouring rain set in. I remember being at least half way if not more up the trail and feeling so defeated with all of the dead trees and not really finding what we were envisioning. We were pressed for time with the weather, but Aaron and I had made the decision to run to the top to double check that we weren’t missing anything and lo and behold, everything that we were envisioning had just been another little trek up the mountain. The view. was. spectacular. I cant even put it into words. I still cant find words for it. It was epic. It was everything that we had been hoping for. I honestly don’t even know how we will top the high from this session.

Fast forward a week. We met Alex and Anastasiya and hiked to the top where we stopped to eat dinner (Thank you Santana’s Vegan Drive-Thru) together, chat, hangout and then to shoot their incredible mountain elopement style session. Nothing will come close to this session. These two went with our crazy ideas, never complained, never freaked when we placed them on the edges of cliffs or rocks, they just went with it and it was the best time that we have had in a session! These are some moments that we won’t forget and that we won’t fully be able to put into words. I remember at one point I just stood there with tears in my eyes staring at the mountain ridges so thankful that we get to do this for a living and we get to see places like this. Colorado is stunning and I simply cant wait till we can do it all again!!

OH!! And Aaron finally got to shoot his first video trailer!! This has been on his goal list for a really long time and he was finally able to pull it off!! I know he cant wait to finish it and get it shared!!