Hillsborough River State Park Engagement Photos

Have you ever met a couple that when you are around them you can feel ever ounce of love and giddiness they have for each other? I think that accurately describes Michael and Haley. It was like they were the only two in the world and nothing else mattered. It was fun to watch them from behind the camera. We get the “im super awkward when taking photos” phrase a lot, but these two were magic together especially having never met them in person before their session.

In true Florida fashion, we both drove the 1.5 hours to Hillsborough River State Park for their engagement photos when about 10 minutes into our session it started pouring. We quickly grabbed all of our stuff and rain for a little sign that had a tiny bit of covering where we waited 45 minutes in the pouring rain, where it continued to pour and we were left rescheduling. I mean seriously FL!! This summer has been brutal!!

Several weeks later we rescheduled for a sunrise session knowing that weather wise we wouldn’t be up against the rain and to where we could have a bit more fun and tell a bigger story. We set it up to where they met us at a park, walked in, got to chow down on some donuts and sip iced coffee. From there we wandered down the pathway and got to know these two a little more all while having a total blast with these two! I mean if your day starts off with donuts and iced coffee is there anything better!?

These two tie the knot next year and im sure it will be wedded bliss! When these two are so in love with each other, marrying your best friend is about life’s greatest treasure <3

Congrats Michael and Haley!!