Boho Wedding | Tampa Wedding | Ben and Madi

This boho wedding all started about three years ago when Madi came into our family’s lives.  We all knew she was a keeper when Ben started bringing her to Mom’s house.  The two of them together were just plain fun.  As they continued to date, things began to get a little more serious.  

One evening, we got a call from Ben.  Now we had heard the rumors, that an engagement might be in the planning, but when Ben declared it to us over the phone, we were ecstatic.  Together, with Ben, we had the opportunity to plan, design, and setup an amazing surprise proposal.  Despite a very rainy morning in July, it was an unforgettable moment for all of us.  If you haven’t already, please, go check out the Surprise Proposal on our blog!

What could be better than a spectacular boho Tampa wedding to proceed such an epic proposal?  Madi did such a great job at styling her boho wedding.  For photographers, she made it a visual dream come true.  From the eucalyptus crown created by Madi herself, the gorgeous vintage style dress from CC’s Bridal Boutique, the killer venue with beautiful landscapes and the perfect library, to the “get-away” mustang provided by Madi’s father, nothing was missed.  And then for Stephanie Voth Events to come through on every level to bring Madi’s vision to life. 

Who would have thought that we would have the opportunity to photograph Aaron’s brother’s wedding.  Many people would have opted out to be in the wedding, but Aaron couldn’t have felt more connected than for us to use our creativity to capture such a monumental day.  We will never regret the choice we made to do so. 

As the morning sun fought to break through the clouds, the rainy days continued to confront us just as it did for their proposal.  Ben and Madi had wisely made the choice to provide a tent for everyone in case the rain persisted, but to everyone’s surprise, the ceremony was able to be performed amidst the glorious, tall pines.  And to top it off, the sun finally showed itself near the end of the ceremony.  After a beautiful ceremony, their portraits couldn’t have turned out any better.  The clouds in the distance provided texture in the sky and the old, well kept mustang added character to the dirt road for Ben and Madi’s photos.  

As we continue to capture amazing couples such as Ben and Madi and tell their story, we have found that our cameras have the ability to pull out the beauty in a location.  With that being said, we want to encourage you to reach out with questions you might have when it comes to your choice of location.  We love being a part of helping you put together the perfect location and the right time of day for lighting that will provide a gorgeous canvas onto which the two of you can be painted.

So here’s to Ben and Madi.  With long life, may they be satisfied in our God and the fruit of committing their marriage to honor him.  

Venue: Privately Owned 

Planner/Florist/Coordinator/Decor: Stephanie Voth Events

Cake: Publix

Dress: CC’s Bridal Boutique

Mustang: Owned by Madi’s Dad

Dj: Will Jackson Entertainment

Tables/Chairs/Arch/Tent: Traditions Rentals

Donuts: Hole In One Donuts

Catering: Albanese Catering

Rings: Philipson’s Jewelry

Hair: @Niniveth Martin