John Chesnut Romantic Engagement Session | Palm Harbor, FL

For months Cheyanne and I had tried to connect and chat about their wedding, but with Preston’s schedule and wanting him to be able to be a part of the conversation we waited for what felt like an eternity to get to chat on the phone with these two! We finally had a day and time we were to chat on the phone and all was well, UNTIL, the same night, Aaron and I had a genius plan to make homemade pita bread. After a few messages to say we were behind, we will call soon, we finally were able to call while we waited for our bread to rise. Feeling a tad flustered that we were late calling clients we had never met, we got on the phone. After 3 dropped calls and suddenly having no service at our house, we did the next best, unplanned thing, we facetimed!! Now if you know me (Rychelle) a tiny bit, there is generally no way, I will hop on a video call without looking somewhat presentable, but this called for desperate measures. SO, there we were facetiming clients we had never met, in our hot mess glory, and you know what!? These two were hilarious and it was the best video call!! We sat and video chatted while they ate pizza, our kids ran crazy, and our bread rested. 

Fast forward a few months and we finally got to meet these two last night! They stepped out of the car and it felt like we were meeting old friends. We laughed till our bellies ached, we talked about drones and our fun fancy new camera that is like portraiture mode all of the time (thanks Preston). We laughed at silly little things like the word “ugh.” We watched these two be totally themselves and how much fun they have together. We watched them brave riding a beach cruiser bike, and we sat and watched gators swim in a massive lake.

And, I (Rychelle), have to be really honest. Our backup location was John Chesnut Park in Palm Harbor, FL. For me personally, I could never find the “spark” when photographing there, however, when we met Preston and Cheyanne for their “woodsy” engagement session at John Chestnut Park, it seriously turned it all around for me!! We found the light, we found the magic, and we found the adventure in hanging out with newfound friends.

We are excited to celebrate these two for their beach wedding in July at the Hilton on Clearwater Beach!!!