North Tampa Woodsy Engagement Photos

Florida weather and Covid kept us from getting together with this sweet couple, but fourth time was finally the magical charm! Their session did not disappoint either! For josh and Sydney’s session, Sydney was so nervous. Like the don’t want to eat, might puke kind of nervous. Which in a way makes us kind of sad, because then the focus is more on, “am I doing this right, or does this even look good?” One of the coolest things for us as photographers is getting to break that mold of what most people think pictures are like. Pictures to us is all about hanging out, building a relationship, and having lots of fun. We usually spend a lot of time in our sessions laughing and being a tiny bit silly. It’s never about putting people in front of a camera and making them feel awkward and not saying much throughout the session. We know that most of us never spend much time in front of the camera so thinking about pictures can be a bit unnerving and scary! Truthfully, standing and staring at a camera would be awkward and would leave the door wide open for guessing if the photos even look good. That part we understand, BUT, this is where we come in! We don’t want to do the typical stand still, look here and smile. That’s not us. And that’s not you either. We want taking pictures to be fun! We want them to be entertaining. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy taking picture. We want to capture the real, raw moments that make up all the laughter, the tears, all of the love and all of what the relationship is about. We promise taking photos with us is more than standing still. There’s lots of movement and exercise involved. I mean who knew you could get such a workout in taking photos!? Don’t believe me, come try it out! Taking pictures should be fun and not some daunting task. If we got pretty smiling pictures and nothing else, we missed the mark. Don’t get us wrong, those are great,  but at the end of the day do you want smiling, staring at the camera pictures, or do you want pictures that make you feel and hear everything that’s happening in a photo? The latter is what we are after and that only comes by building a relationship with our clients.

With Josh and Sydney we laughed, we told jokes, we asked them stories about each other, we dove right into their relationship and what makes them who they are. We took the time to get to know them beforehand and then spent more time chatting and getting to know them during our session time. By the time we finished that evening they had totally killed their session, we had some fun new friends, and they had beautiful pictures that were all about them! We all got our workout in and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening with a gorgeous sunset! Their session easily was worth the wait and we can’t wait for their rustic barn wedding at The Edison next spring!!