John Chestnut Engagement Session | Palm Harbor, FL

Zeth and Hannah are probably one of the sweetest, most genuine, down to earth, super chill, easy to get to know kind of couples. We instantly connected with them over the fact that we all are worship leaders at different churches within the area and we both share a love for Disney! Hello Annual Passholders right here!!

When it came to picking a location, Hannah had one request and it was to take photos near water, but not at the beach! You would think that’s an easy task right!? Trying to find a location near water and had great lighting gave us a challenge, but ultimately we decided on John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor, FL. The weather, the lighting and the overall night couldn’t have been more perfect. Im pretty sure we saw a bunch of deer too!!

These two were super playful with each other and kept each other laughing for pretty much the entire session. They also went with all of our crazy ideas which always leads to a fun time. We ended the night with them singing on the dock and just being them. If there is anything that we have learned when it comes to engagement sessions, we want them to be playful yet romantic and we want most of all for all of our couples to be truly themselves. Music to Zeth and Hannah is home, so naturally we captured the real, true essence of who they really are in their element, and I have to say that they both are super talented. I feel some music jam sessions will be in order for all of us in the near future!!