To Look or Not to Look. (First Look Thoughts) – Wedding Photography


To look or not look, that is the question? First Looks are far from traditional, but for real y’all, they are about the best moments to capture. If we could go back eight years ago and do it all again, we totally would, because that nervousness you feel right before you walk down the aisle with all eyes staring is no joke.

When we first met Stefan and Tori, they both were adamant about keeping it traditional and not doing a first look, but due to time constraints we had to add it in so that we could get all the portraits in, and you know what!? Their first look ended up being the most intimately, beautiful and tear jerking moment of their wedding day. We cant tell you how amazing and how happy we were that we had to do a first look.

Can we share a couple of points with you to keep in mind when making the decision for a first look?

  1. First looks are an intimate moment between just the two of you. There’s no one else there, no one else watching (well, except for your photograpers). Its that calm before the storm of nerves. It connects the both of you on what is a very busy day to help both of you realize that this day is about you two, and you two are in it together.

  2. GUYS….we’re speaking to you for a hot minute. Aaron will tell you that as a guy standing up front waiting for your bride to walk down that aisle with all eyes on you and your reaction as you see your bride for the first time its a tad intimidating. A first look gives you the opportunity to have your eyes solely on her before all eyes are on you.

  3. GIRLS….we know you want that reaction of maybe a tear, pure excitement, or him being totally in awe, first looks allow the space and right moment for that. Sometimes guys get so nervous when everyone is staring at him you get the deer in headlights look instead of the heartfelt reaction you are desiring.

  4. Lastly, sometimes when we are working against daylight and a strict timeline, first looks are necessary to keep your day running smooth and to ensure that we can capture all the important portraits of the day. You know all the fun pics with your bridal party and the ones of you two lovebirds.

I mean, after looking at Stefan and Tori’s first look, how can you not want to do one!?