Werkshop!! Ft. Meyers, FL

I (Rychelle), had the awesome privilege of traveling with one of our besties a few weeks ago to attend a photography workshop by Catherine Coons and Stephanie Paula. You guys, it was so freaking good and refreshing! We spent hours talking all things business, workflow, websites, social media, anything to do with photography, we talked about it! SOO good! AND, both Catherine and Stephanie were a hoot. We didn’t ever stop laughing!

We also got to take part in a multi mini styled shoot and they were life y’all. Each setup was so carefully planned and detail oriented. BUT, I will say having broken my wrist a few days before the werkshop was quite the challenge. I never realized how much I depend on having two hands when it comes to photography or life in general. Who knew?! Im learning a whole new life doing everything one-handed and it sure is WERK ;)