Tampa Wedding Photographer & Beyond


Starting at $3800

*Excludes Elopement Pricing. We DO Travel!!*

Have we mentioned that we would love to hear your story?  It truly defines our passion when it comes to being photographers and videographers.  We are not real estate, wildlife, or commercial photographers, because we’re so intrigued with the stories that each couple holds within them.

Our whole goal is to get to know each and every one of you. Not just simply know you, but actually building a solid relationship that will naturally tell the ebbs and flows of your lives. The depths of your stories are evidently and effortlessly told when trust has been built between us. 

For the simple fact that connection is the core of who we are, when you choose us, we spend a great deal of time getting to know you. We aren’t the ones you hire and never hear from till engagement photos or when it’s time to do your wedding day timeline. We are more like your wedding day hype men or basically your new besties that take this seemingly overwhelming journey with you from the start and hopefully an end that just keeps intertwining long after the “I do’s.”

Our experience was so personalized. You have a ton of experience, but it didn’t feel like we were just getting some cookie-cutter photos you had done a million times before. It was all about us and what was important to us and we can’t thank you enough.

Alexis + Geo – Tampa, FL Wedding

The Experience

From the moment you inquire, expect special goodies in your texts, zoom calls where we laugh and cry together, calls that calm all the nerves and some fun little personal touches to know that we care, we value you and that you are not alone in this fun and chaotic time. 

Engagement sessions are included in every single one of our packages because it’s just another way to get to know you! We like to think of it as a double date night where we get to go hang, adventure and take some pretty cool photos along the way. We don’t even mind grabbing a bite to eat or sharing stories over coffee, so where are we going friends!?

Just know that we aren’t your average wedding photographers, videographers, elopement planners, adventure seekers. We are involved in the process as much as you will allow us to be and your besties who will literally stand in your corner making sure that your dream day is all that you envisioned it to be. 

YOU are our heroes. We are just the lucky ones that get to tell the sacred parts. You are what fuels our fire when the flame is growing dim. 

Photography has always been something that has easily chosen us. It’s allowed us to breathe life into so many barren places and to make a moment fully alive. It’s taught us to slow down and to appreciate the mundane and not to hurry past the simplest of moments. When all that we have left to look back on and pass down from generation to generation is a tangible photograph, it becomes wonderfully priceless knowing we have frozen a memory in time. 

Life is rich and deep and being inspired by your stories is an honor that we don’t take lightly. We have the pleasure of getting to speak into your lives and to love each one of you fiercely and it propels us to search for the deeper things and to create something magically beautiful. 

That is what we truly live for and hope when you choose us to come alongside you for the very best day of your lives. 


The question we get asked the most is, “Do you travel?” The answer is YES!!  We will gladly adventure anywhere you want to go! 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you ditched the traditional wedding setting and made your wedding an adventure elopement or a small wedding type event?  We have you covered!  We know the traditional wedding isn’t for every single person. We also know that there is something incredibly intimate and sacred about eloping, whether it’s just the two of you or with a handful of those closest to you. Eloping isn’t because you don’t care about your wedding day. It’s because you would rather celebrate in a more intimate, authentic and unique way that is more about the two of you. Maybe it’s also because planning a wedding for many people seems a little daunting and that’s not your cup of tea. We get that too and we are here to help! 

Because we aren’t your average photographers and videographers, elopements are a little more unique with us! We like to think that we just made new besties and here we are setting out on a fun journey together. Whether it’s high on a mountaintop or on a secluded island somewhere, we are here to assist you in planning and prepping for this monumental day! We partner with you guys and take over planning all the little details like where to stay, where to have that picture perfect moment, obtaining permits, finding florals, hiring your perfect hair and makeup artist who will create that extra little sparkle for you girl and all those extra details to make your day a little more special. Heck, we will even dive deep and find you all the best places to eat and of course all the best coffee places to keep you running all day. We know this day is ridiculously special and we are here as your friends to make it the most epic experience possible! 

So, friends… where are we adventuring to!??