Are we a good fit?

If you fall in love with our photos, don’t mind being silly while also getting a little lovey dovey, if you love movie theatre popcorn, you value wedding photography, don’t mind seeing lots of pictures of our kiddos, and want to be more than just clients to us, then I think we are a match made in heaven and we cant wait to get to know you both!

what is required to book?

Once you have decided on which package fits your needs best, we will require a signed contract along with a 25% retainer fee to lock in your date! YOU DID IT!!!

When will we receive our images?

We know what its like to anxiously wait to see wedding photos! After your wedding, you can expect to have your images uploaded to your online gallery within 6-8 weeks and your custom USB packaging within 2 weeks from receiving your online gallery. You can also expect to have sneak peeks within 48 hours on our Facebook page.

How many images will we receive?

Each wedding varies and is unique to all of the things that make up your special day. While we don’t guarantee a specific amount you usually expect to have anywhere from 550-800 images for an 8 hour wedding.

Do you edit all of our photos?

Yes! All of the images that you receive have been hand-edited. There are the occasional few that do require a little more special attention above and beyond what we normally do.

What is a first look and do you recommend one?!

We absolutely recommend a first look beyond a shadow of a doubt! A first look is where there is a few minutes set aside before the ceremony for the two of you to see each other alone. Its an incredibly special and intimate moment (we have a gallery of one if you would like to see it). From a grooms perspective, the ceremony can add nerves and pressure to where even though he sees his gorgeous bride walking down the aisle, he often times won’t have the reaction that could happen intimately when all eyes are staring at him. First looks also give room for connection before the crazy. You two haven’t seen each other all day, and this is that one moment to be with each other, connect, realize this day is about you, and that you are both nervous. It kind of helps to know and realize that someone else is in your corner and is right there with you so when the ceremony begins, you two have seen each other, connected, and instead of all eyes on you, you two are locking eyes on one another because you are back on the same page. Trust us, we know its not traditional. If we could go back 8 years, we would have done a first look in a heartbeat, because nothing beats seeing your best friend before all the added eyes and pressure hits in a moment that would have brought us much more comfort.

Check out our blog article that explains everything in more detail!


Do you travel?

You bet your bottom dollar we do! We travel anywhere in the state of Florida and are currently opening up Colorado travel for weddings and elopements! Is that exciting or what!?

Do you have insurance?

Yes! A lot of our venues require that we have insurance! We’re covered y'all!

We are super awkward and don’t photograph well. Can you help?

We totally have you covered! Can you hear us….We HAVE you covered! We know what its like to step in front of a camera and feel awkward as all get out, trying to be in weird poses that don’t feel comfortable or best represent who you are as a couple. We love to keep it candid, in the moment, and very little posing, because I mean thats a tad boring if you ask us. We want to draw out the best version of the two of you! Whether its lots of laughing, cuddles, tears, silly moments, we want those! We want authentic and real! So don’t you worry because we will have a blast and you won’t even notice you have a camera in your face!

Do you offer engagement sessions?

YES!! We super duper love engagement sessions and working with couples! Engagement sessions are done during week day evenings since the weekends are reserved for our weddings. There will occasionally be a Friday evening that we are able to work with. Engagement sessions are super fun for us because we get to know you as a couple and you get to see what its like to work with us before your big day! We encourage engagement sessions but don’t require them :)


Don’t see a question? Email us!