Soire Estate | Jomar and Elena | Lutz, Florida

Like a scene from one of my favorite romance movies, Jomar and Elena’s wedding felt like a scene from pride and prejudice. It was stunning! And honestly perfect in every single way! By the time we reached Jomar and Elena’s wedding, we had been in the planning process for one year!! ONE YEAR!!! Isn’t it crazy how fast time flies, and how much comes to life and happens all within a year!?

Jomar and Elena quickly became our vegan friends and we spent lots of time telling each other what restaurants and coffee shops we loved between Orlando and the Tampa area. There is so much that we connected with these two amazing people on. Whether we were meeting in person at a coffee shop or chatting on the phone, it always felt like we were picking up where we last left off. Connecting with our couples and building a relationship with them is super huge for us. We have found some of our best friends this way. Thru connecting with people on a more personal level. Beyond business.

Jomar and Elena’s wedding took place at the Soire Estate in Lutz, Florida. The estate is covered in rich greenery and tons of trees draped in Spanish moss. The white buildings covered in ivy and the wide open field close by reminded me of the scenes of Elizabeth taking a stroll thru the field. And of course the extended ending when she wand Darcy walk to each other in the field in the morning glow. Ah so perfect.

Jomar had the BEST reaction we have ever seen from a Groom during a first look. Seriously. Best Surprise reaction of ALL time! He was absolutely giddy. Watching the two of them had us in tears and smiling ear to ear. We knew these two would be a fun couple when during our sit-down to create their timeline for the day, Aaron asked Jomar if he would mind being thrown in the air by his groomsmen.  He was completely up for it and the guys did tend up tossing him pretty high the air.

But the surprises did not stop there for Jomar and Elena. Despite wedding day nerves and jitters, Jomar and Elena surprised their parents and all of their guests by playing and singing, “Momma’s Song” By Carrie Underwood. The look of surprise on Elena’s moms face was the best!! It was also the first time that they had played and sung for people so equally the best surprise for every one there!!

One of my absolute favorite things about this wedding, besides all of it 😉 , was Elena’s wedding dress. She shared her dress story with me :

“I picked out that dress a couple years ago and always wanted a Hayley Paige dress, but it was hard to track down since it was an older dress and most stores didn’t have it anymore. While I was living in Massachusetts I thought I was literally going to have to go to Kleinfeld to get it since most of the stores I was contacting in Florida no longer carried it! I found out a bridal store in Orlando possibly carried the dress still, and then after moving back to the Tampa area, heard they were having a huge store sample sale. So we drove down to Orlando hoping it would be in the sample sale, and it was, which was super lucky!”

Jomar and Elena’s wedding was stunning and the food tasted amazing too. The tables were draped in greenery and white roses. The outdoor space was covered in twinkle lights above our heads and the cupcakes instead of cake did not disappoint. The incredible cupcakes were baked by  Halelife Bakery and they nailed it! So yummy!


Venue: Soire Estate

Florals: The Hen House

Makeup: Graceful Glow Makeup Services

Hair: The Destiny and Light Hair and Makeup Group by Priscilla Marie

Dj: Kool Kat Entertainment

Bar: Catering by Lundy’s

Cupakes: Halelife Bakery

Suit: Generation Tux

Bridal Dress Boutique: Calvet Couture Bridal

Dress Designer: Hayley Paige

Catering: Delectables Fine Catering

Best first look reaction by a groom ever

Soire Estate wedding party

Vintage wedding ceremony at the Soire Estate, Florida

Bride twirls wedding dress

Vintage Wedding Gown Twirl

Movie poster wedding,, pride and prejudice wedding