Allen Barn Wedding | Fort Meade, FL

With how crazy warm our weather has been this year, it was really hard to feel like December was actually Christmas time, when here in Florida it really felt like summer. Even on a gorgeous “summery” December day, Christine and Andrew tied the knot in one of the most gorgeous new wedding venues here in central Florida. Allen Barn, was decked to the nines in burgundy, navy and green tones, and it was beautiful in every sense. Every little detail reflected Andrew and Christine in who they are individually but also together as a couple.

Like good ole summer fashion, and in the worst timing of it all, Florida’s sky opened up and gave us a good rain right before the ceremony, but as nerve wrecking as it was, the sky made for a stunning backdrop for portraits that were done in what we call pure heaven here in Florida; a field full of nothing but yellow flowers. If you know anything about Florida, we don’t have fields full of wildflowers. They are very few and far between, and when Christine mentioned shooting the field, I cant tell you all how giddy we were. Between having orange groves on one side and a field of flowers on the other hand, it really was a dream to shoot. Andrew and Christine’s entire day was a dream to shoot. They had so many family and friends who showed up and celebrated alongside of them, and to say that there was never a dull moment in their day is an understatement. From the branding initiation during their ceremony, the games during dinner, the chicken dance, and a super fun portrait session of our bride and groom, it was a day full of bliss, love and celebration!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Senn!!

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Venue: Allen Barn