Best of 2018 Wedding Favs

I am not even sure where the heck this past year went, but looking back on this past year, we are still so in awe of all of the amazing people we got to meet and the amazing weddings we were able to photograph. This was our very first year taking on and shooting weddings and y’all, we are hooked!! I, Rychelle, said that I would never ever shoot weddings and now having shot my first year of them, I should never have said that I would never shoot them because I seriously didn’t know what I was missing out on 😉

We can’t even begin to tell you all what an honor it has been to have been chosen to celebrate alongside all of our new friends and their families. There is a whole lot of trust that goes into shooting a wedding and capturing all those important moments, and we are so beyond grateful to have been trusted to capture the big and small moments.

This first year has brought a lot of memorable moments for us. Like, the first look with Stefan and Tori, where from the second he opened the doors he was in tears seeing his lovely bride. Shooting several destination weddings has also been a highlight this year because we got to personally know them by phone and then actually meeting them in person to witness the love, the bond and the happiness that they share was so fun to be a part of. One of our beautiful couples had their wedding reception in their back yard, and y’all that was so much fun! I would never have thought to do a reception in our backyard, but the ending song of the night to “Shout” tops off the reception endings for us because what’s better than having your every single one of your wedding guests join in and sing it from the top of their lungs!? We shot several newer venues and they sure didn’t disappoint! Another highlight of the year, was finding my (Rychelle) twin. We met so many amazing couples from vendor shows and one vendor show in particular put the most amazing friends in our lives, ones who are just like us <3

Having to go back through each wedding from 2018 to pick out our favorite images has by far been the hardest job this season. I mean seriously, how the heck do you choose when you have so many amazing ones!? BUT, you guys, as we close out this year, we will say it again, we are so beyond thankful for each and every couple who chose us in 2018. They took a chance on us, even when we hadn’t been shooting weddings long and it blows our socks off. It pushed us. It challenged us. And it made us fall even more in love with our job. THANK YOU for choosing us, trusting us and allowing us to celebrate with you all! 2018, you were great to us! Here’s to 2019! Congrats to all our couples who got hitched this year!