Charlotte NC Engagement Photography at Freedom Park

It’s not very often that we Florida folk get to see fall colors or enjoy crisp fall air, so when we had the privilege of getting to shoot Chris and Samantha’s engagement session on a chilly fall morning in Charlotte, NC at the stunning Freedom Park, you better believe we were in pure heaven!

We like to call Chris and Samantha our Chipotle buddies because when we first chatted with them on the phone, we connected over their chipotle story, which happens to also be Aarons favorite place to eat! These two were so much fun when we talked over the phone and then again when we did a zoom call, that when we got the text saying they would love for us to be their wedding photographers in Charlotte, NC, we were jumping for joy and screaming in excitement!

If their wedding is anything like the fun and the laughter that we had during their engagement session, I know its going to easily be one of the best days of 2022!!

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