Honeymoon Island Boho Beach Vow Renewal in Dunedin FL

Jessy is one of our dearest friends and a fellow photographer over at Jessy Lynn Photography. Jessy originally had a whole vow renewal planned for over the summer, and the rain completely washed away all of Jessy’s dreams.  While Florida weather didn’t allow for the original plan to happen, she waited till the fall and re-planned what she was truly envisioning, which allowed us to be a part of her super fun and beautiful boho plans at the ever stunning Honeymoon Island Beach in Dunedin, FL!! AND besides, can you really say no to one of your besties, or shooting at the beach!?

For her and Jared’s 10 year celebration, she wanted a beautiful boho beach style vow renewal that included their 4 precious kiddos. Jessy had every little detail so carefully planned, from beautiful boho rugs, a triangle arch with stunning florals, to pampas grass, and 4 beautiful kiddos in khaki and linen outfits, with the exception of Bell who wore a beautiful sequin, flowy rose colored dress. 

Jessy has a pretty amazing dress story too. The beautiful long-sleeved romantic dress she wore, was one that she has been eyeing on Etsy for months, but not wanting to spend over her budgeted amount, she randomly had gone to check the review of the dress, realizing that the girl who left the review was a girl that she had many mutual friends with from the same little town that she had grown up in, in Ohio. Long story short, Jessy and ended up being able to rent the dress for her beautiful Honeymoon Island boho beach renewal!! Talk about a miracle!! 

It’s amazing to see what 10 years of marriage can cultivate, and how you could see it in every fiber of who this family is.  From little Luka to beautiful Bell, this family is the epitome of “tight nit.”  The boho vibe really projects the adventurous family that they are. During the family portraits, they all just laughed, hugged and joked with one another. There might have been a few tickles too! 

Jared and Jessy truly are blessed and are surround with the best family. One who loves deep and has a zeal for life! Their 10 year vow renewal was a beautiful reminder that as with many things, the more time you invest and the more storms that you weather together, the finer, the stronger, the better your relationship becomes. 

Being able to be a part of Jared and Jessy’s celebration was a true reflection of being able to look at a couple who is madly in love, even after 10 years, and being able to see that both of them have found their home. 


Jessys Dress: Alex Veil Bridal

Arch made by Jared