Creating an Intentional Wedding Day: Tips for a Day to Remember

Weddings are big, bustling celebrations of love, and yes, they can feel like a whirlwind! At Paisley Sunshine Photography, we live by the mantra “Be Here Now“, because your wedding day should be experienced in full, not just lived through. Ready to make your big day fun and memorable?

Here’s how you can infuse intention into every moment, ensuring it’s a day you’ll treasure forever.

1. Chill Out and Enjoy

We know it’s easier said than done. There’s a lot that you have put into this day and wanting it to be perfect is understandable. However, we have seen several times over the years where the stress trumps the day and the moments themselves. When you get to the wedding day, your only job is to show up and to enjoy every single second of your beautiful day. Whatever happens will be managed smoothly by your dream team of vendors, who are all committed to making your day even more epic than you envisioned. The true celebration is marrying your best friend, and that’s what really matters.

2. Creating Space in your Timeline

Hear us out. We know your wedding has a schedule and everything has to fit within that timeframe. BUT!!! It’s also crucial to have some breathing room throughout your day, so you don’t feel rushed from one event to the next. That’s not fun, and it’s not enjoyable. A tight timeline only leads to stress, which is exactly what we’re trying to help you avoid. When we sit down to plan your day, our main goal is to create a flow that allows you to breathe and take it all in.

3. First Look Fun

While some couples prefer the traditional route, which is totally fine, we’ve seen the value of a first look. When we got married almost 14 years ago, this wasn’t a common practice. Looking back, we wish it had been! A first look not only helps calm nerves (especially if being the center of attention isn’t your thing) but also provides a moment just for the two of you. If your partner is shy about showing emotion, this is a perfect moment for intimacy without the crowds.

4. Vows Just for You

This ties in beautifully with the first look. It’s a profound moment where your focus is solely on each other and the love you share. This is your chance to bring your story full circle and reflect on your journey together.

5. Sunset Portraits

It’s rare that someone opts out of sunset photos, and for good reason. We always carve out at least 30 minutes for these shots. Not only are they stunning, but they’re also a perfect opportunity for you to step away from the festivities and just be together. These are the images you’ll look back on and cherish for years to come.

6. Put Your Phone Away

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people need to be reminded. Assign a friend or family member to be your point of contact so you can disconnect and be fully present. Your planners and vendors are there to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

An intentional wedding day is more than just a sequence of events—it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories with your favorite person in the world. With a little planning and a lot of heart, your wedding will be as meaningful as it is fun and memorable!

We hope these tips help you plan an intentional day!

Be. Here. Now

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