Dowtown St. Pete Hipster Murals Engagement Photos

Where do we even begin on this session!? One of our favorite parts of engagement sessions is being able to finally put a face to a name and to basically have one big double date night where we show you how much fun it is to take photos with us!! Judian and Jaz were no exception! To be honest, I, Rychelle, got a little giddy inside because first of all, I had been waiting for what felt like forever to meet these two, second, we were getting to get out our norm for an engagement session and venture the streets and murals of St. Pete and thirdly, they KILLED the outfit game! They nailed it from head to toe and we were about to have a blast adventuring with them!! It truly doesn’t get any better than that!

We started at one of our newer favorite spots in St. Pete. The murals are super cool, but it’s a tight space that makes us have to get in angles and positions to accommodate the small space, but it was 1000% worth all the fanagling to get the perfect shots. From one location to the next, we talked about life, we talked about work, we talked about what life had been like now that COVID-19 is a huge part of our lives this year, we talked about wedding planning and we talked about what comes next after getting married.

One of the best parts of Judian and Jaz’s engagement session was them trusting us enough to be able to go from location to allowing the streets to lead us to the next spot. We planned the starting point, but from there, we went where something caught our eye and gave us a glimmer of creativity. We didn’t plan out every stop. Instead we all went with the flow, and it truthfully was one of the most exciting engagement sessions. Our hour session flew by within a blink of an eye and we walked away with some pretty rad, hipster, photos and some new friends. Sessions like these are why we do what we do and make us fall even more in love with our “job” and allow us to become friends with our clients rather than them just being “clients” to us. Friends and relationship is what we strive for. Taking pretty photos is a bonus, but making friends is what its all about!!