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Our family gets to welcome the sweetest, most kindest gal into our family and its so completely exciting!! 

Ya know how even the most perfect plans don’t always go as planned? Well, the Florida rain gave us quite the run for our money the morning that Ben was going to propose and we wouldn’t be lying if we said it made all of us a tad nervous and anxious.

After what has felt like an eternity of planning and being hush-hush, Aaron’s brother, Ben finally popped the question!! 

We arrived to our little gem of a place the morning of their engagement in Tampa, FL, ready to go at 5:20 am in hopes for a sunrise proposal when our good ole FL weather gave us quite the soaking. Debating and constantly checking the radar we decided to wait it out for a bit to see. 6:15 am…still pouring. 6:30…still pouring. How do we stall Madi and what can we come up with to buy us all sometime? 7:00 am…run to advance auto parts to get Ben’s lights replaced on the car. Maybe 7:30 we will have a clearing. 7:30 am…still raining. 8:00 am….praying nervously for rain to stop and trying to think about going with Plan B, but when you have worked as hard as Ben has to put all of this together to try and throw Madi off and surprise her, there is no settling for Plan B. 8:15 am…going to Madi’s to fix car headlights. 8:15 am….Becky, Aaron and I head to Starbucks because clearly its still pouring and the radar is still lying to us. 8:45 am….Ben is getting anxious, but rain hasn’t let up so we push for 9:45 because radar finally shows a clearing for a short time. 9:00 am…we are getting soaked no matter what so lets just do this and set up the table. 9:10 am…rain lets up so we run for the table with full arms to set up as fast as we can before Ben and Madi arrive. 9:15 am…pouring again while we are setting up and y’all we are praying down the house (or at least I was) 9:20 am…rain starts clearing and we can finish the table. 9:30 am…Ben and Madi are on the way. We are really going to get to do this!! Aaron and I hide. Becky (my mother-in-love) leaves. 9:45 am…we are hidden and ready to go as they pull in. Its a miracle that the rain has finally stopped!! 9:55 am…they get seated and we stake out for pictures!! 

Within a blink of an eye, Ben was on one knee, Madi is in tears and there we all were. Time stood still. The rain stopped, and these two just began their new adventure into something amazing! God’s favor was on the whole day and worked it to our advantage so that Madi wouldn’t have known what was coming. Ben didn’t settle for the Plan B and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The timing was perfect. He is hers and she is his. They managed to get a few bites of what was suppose to be breakfast turned brunch, a look through the journals that Ben had written to his future wife, ask the most important question known to all mankind and a few moments to get their engagement photos in before the rain let loose again. Perfect in every way. And to think that we got to be in on the biggest secret and be a part was the absolute highlight of the year!! We can’t wait to celebrate and be a part as they become husband and wife next year! 

CONGRATS Ben Chartrand and Madison Etherton!! We are so excited for you both! Welcome to the family Madi!! <3

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