Riverside adventure: Canoeing at Brown Mountain Beach Resort for a unique wedding experience.

Jonny and Meadow’s Christ-Centered Riverside Wedding | North Carolina

Whew, what an absolutely beautiful day at this fairytale-like riverside wedding! From the dew-kissed morning devotional to the flickering bonfire under the starlit sky, our day with Jonny and Meadow unfolded like an actual dream.

Embracing God’s Presence at Brown Mountain Beach Resort

Nestled in the forest at a small wedding venue in North Carolina‘s sits Brown Mountain Beach Resort. Surrounded by the natural beauty of North Carolina, the riverside venue served as a sacred canvas and created an atmosphere where God’s presence felt intimately woven into every aspect of their Christ-centered wedding celebration.

Riverside Morning Devotion and Getting Ready

As the sun cast its first rays over the riverside wedding venue, we shared the quiet beauty of Jonny and Meadow’s devotional. Together, they prayed, setting the tone for a day centered around their love and commitment before separating until the ceremony.

The the girls enjoyed a slow morning of getting ready, just hanging out and enjoying their time together. Meadow’s dog Malibu, stayed by her side throughout all of her getting-ready moments and it was adorable!

First Look with Dad

Meadow’s first look with her dad was so beautiful! She held a photo from her youth that she pulled down when her dad turned around. Meadow cried. Her dad cried. And even us behind the camera shed some tears. It was one of those epic moments you can’t plan. Just raw emotion and it was beautiful!

Flash Mob, Riverside Ceremony, and Canoe Serenity

The ceremony kicked off with a super fun surprise—a flash mob dance by the groomsmen, passing out beers as they danced down the aisle. Jonny’s face when Meadow made her entrance was pure gold, adding that sweet touch to the whole moment. Their ceremony was God-focused, intimate and felt so personal to them!

Post-ceremony, the couple hopped in a canoe and paddled off to the middle of the lake. They enjoyed some quiet moments together, complete with Truly’s and BBQ ribs, and we enjoyed a fun little canoe photoshoot!

Choreographed First Dance and Heartfelt Toasts

Alright, let’s talk about the dance floor shenanigans. Jonny and Meadow kicked things off with a choreographed first dance, and it was amazing—spins, dips, lifts, you name it. Epic doesn’t even cover it!

Meadow’s cousin, doubling as the DJ, cranked up the tunes. The party echoed through the mountains, and everyone hit the dance floor. It was the kind of fun you can’t plan—it just happens, and it’s exactly what Jonny and Meadow’s celebration was all about.

Private Vows, Dress Change, and Magical Endings

Johnny and Meadow disappeared from the party for a quick dress change which was super fun! After, we headed to the candlelit greenhouse where they shared their vows. It was so sweet and full of tears.

Then, Meadow’s dad grabbed the mic for a toast, and it was a straight-from-the-heart moment. He shared how Jonny and Meadow met, threw in a bit about Jonny passing the dad test before dating Meadow, and finished off by welcoming Jonny as the son they never had. With four daughters, Johnny was a welcome to the family!

Magical Endings

The night ended with sparklers, jumping in the lake, and a bonfire. It was like a fairytale closing scene. Meadow’s childhood dream of being a princess marrying her prince? Nailed it. Every single detail screamed fairytale – and it was all kinds of magical.

Client Testimonial and Reflection: A Heartfelt Note

Let’s dive into the bride’s words that echoed the feel of the day, “Just wanted you to know, I re-fall in love with the photos every time I look at them.” Now, that’s the kind of feedback that puts a smile on our faces. It’s moments like these that make capturing memories extra special.

Our time with Jonny and Meadow went beyond the lens. It was more than just playing the role of photographers; it was a celebration of friendship, trust, and the magic woven into every moment of their serene, intimate mountain and riverside wedding. Being a part of that special, Christ-centered wedding day was an honor, and their testimonial is the cherry on top of an already sweet experience.

Brown Mountain Beach & North Carolina Wedding Photographer

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Vendor Spotlight:

Give a shoutout to the incredible vendors who played a role in crafting this magical day.

Venue: Brown Mountain Beach Resort

Florals: Bouquet Florist Weddings & Events

DJ: Maddalone Entertainment

HMUA: The Girlfriend’s Glam Company and Whitney Bartlette Beauty

Dress: Vow’d Weddings

Catering: City BBQ

Videography: Paisley Sunshine Photography